Local Artist Uses an Eye Tracker Instead of a Paint Brush

by Brant Soler

Posted on Nov 11, 2019 6:57:00 PM

USER STORY - Rachel Jafvert

From the first day I got my eye tracker, I always felt I could call EyeTech [Digital Systems] and a real person would answer. I think sometimes people with physical disabilities who like me need assistance already feel odd asking for help at times. I find that even putting on necklaces takes longer so it is nice to have one less thing to stress about time wise. So it is really nice when a person can call and are met with good reception and willingness to help. I remember calling EyeTech with a question about finding compatible laptop computer with the right bezel distance because the hinges are sometime set lower so it eats up the total bezel distance. I can't believe to this day you guys drove to a local computer store to make sure it would work, before I went through trying to order another one.

I don't know how to say it, but my EyeTech eye tracker has flipped my world upside down in the best way possible. Growing up I often felt really frustrated about my disability, and then on top of that developed repetitive overuse strain as I got older. I felt completely stuck as a designer. Not to mention, I was always frustrated by the fact I would have to wait to have help making physical architecture models. On top of trying to finish my architecture degree, I had to start giving up the thing I liked to do most which is paint. I absolutely loved to paint. I have always had tons of ideas floating through my mind, but have had a problem physically executing them in the past. I tried to remain optimistic in this fast pace world but often felt like a dinosaur roaming the earth. Yes, I am thankful to have dictation software. It never felt like enough when I constantly wanted to be creating something with my hands. Especially from someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. Then one day I was sitting in my VocRehab's office and I learned about EyeTech's eye tracker. And I remember thinking ""what? This simply can not be real..."" Well, it was real.

Nowadays I can do what I love to do best. I can create eye paintings. I can do eye sketches with my eyes and let my writing hand rest. I can create cards. Although, I am still practicing and learning how to master eye tracking with all different types of design programs, I have hope that I can create a new destiny. You see, my eye tracking mouse has given me the ability to see again... I can see beyond my disability. So much so, I moved to Arizona to be closer to this amazing company.

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