EyeTech DS, Microsoft Work Together to Release USB HID Standard for Eye Tracking

by Brant Soler

Posted on May 8, 2018 7:20:00 PM

Microsoft Corp., working closely with EyeTech Digital Systems, Tobii and Intel, has created the first USB HID (Human Interface Device) standard for eye tracking. Having a standard agreed upon by USB.org, brings eye tracking technology one step closer to being in full control of your PC using only your eyes.

With the standard established, Windows 10 will automatically install the driver when plugging in the eye tracker. In addition, a calibration app can be launched directly from the Windows 10 eye control launchpad. New firmware to enable this feature for the EyeTech DS TM5 eye trackers is available at www.eyetechds.com/Microsoft-HID-Support.html.

"The USB HID class for eye tracking is the pivotal step forward to improve the user experience for our users and bring a seamless touch-free experience for worldwide adoption," said Keith Jackson, Director of Sales and Marketing for EyeTech DS.

EyeTech DS and Tobii are showcasing eye control applications inside Windows 10 in the Microsoft developer booth at Microsoft Build 2018 this week. This is a big step forward to help developers catch the vision of eye tracking as a viable, robust input method.

EyeTech Digital Systems at the Microsoft Build Event:

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