Bright Moments: Inspiring Stories from AAC Device Users

by EyeTech Staff

Posted on Aug 20, 2021 5:25:27 AM

Speech Language Pathologist and EyeTech Digital Systems consultant Amanda Dykstra recently began highlighting “Bright Moments” in the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) on EyeTech social media channels. In the #BrightMoments series, Dykstra shares inspiring stories of individuals finding greater independence and some fun through the use of assistive technologies. Devices like EyeTech’s EyeOn tablet enable millions of people with conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, ALS, muscular dystrophy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and Rett syndrome to communicate and engage in the world around them through eye-tracking technology.

Here are a few recent #BrightMomentMondays features that demonstrate just what these individuals are able to accomplish using these life-altering AAC devices:

“Through a wonderful donation from the ALS Association, our friend Kathy recently received a wheelchair mount for her EyeOn device,” shares EyeTech consultant Austin Nieto. “Now she can easily communicate on walks, at church, and at family get-togethers.”

Rick, a Veteran based in Las Vegas, NV, uses the EyeTech OnBright software suite on his EyeOn Elite AAC device to communicate and control his television hands-free with a simple glance of the eyes. “I really appreciate technology and how it helps me every day,” Rick reports.

In this video, Kathy in Sacramento, CA, is able to use her eye-tracking enabled EyeOn tablet to take a selfie with EyeTech AAC Consultant Keith Jackson. “Here is why I love meeting and helping set up our new users in person,” says Jackson. “Meeting Kathy in person was amazing. Thank you, Kathy, for the opportunity. Your enthusiasm is contagious!”

“Our constant commitment to support and our continual mission to perfect the user experience is what the EyeTech difference is all about,” notes Dykstra. “It is truly inspiring to get to share these bright moments with our end-users and I’m honored to get to play some small role in sharing their stories.”

To view additional #BrightMoments highlights, visit the EyeTech Instagram page. You can also follow along on the company’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

Do you have a similar inspiring story that you’d like to share with us? Want to learn more about EyeTech’s eye-tracking enabled AAC devices and software solutions? Contact us today!

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